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The aim of the resource centre of the Ausanthrop site is to provide anthropologists, as well as layman with up to date events and research resources in cultural and social anthropology in general, and relating to the Aborigines of Australia in particular.

A list of resources is given here on the right-hand side. Other resources can be found in the research and the services section. The former concerns ongoing research projects, the latter research that is already in an advanced state and can be made available to the public.

Another important source of information is the FAQ and Discussion Forum. Anyone can ask questions or answer them in this public space. The best way of dealing with discussion forums is to bookmark the page and drop in every now and then.

Please note that we are specialised in the conception and implementation of databases and their webinterfaces for social scientists. If you need such a hosted solution, please check the services section for more details or get in touch: contacts

The AusAnthrop tribal database contains entries for over 500 Aboriginal groups, tribes or languages. It's main use is to help find a group using alternative names found in the literature.
The Western Desert reserch project (WDRP) section contains extensive bibliographies, an index to archival files, a list of dialectal groups and online papers on the Aborigines of this cultural bloc.
Kinship tutorial: an introduction into the study of kinship in general and Aboriginal kinship in particular
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